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Photo Courtesy of Life is Beautiful Photography London, ON

About Me

I love long drives going nowhere, playdates in the park, BBQ is one of the greatest meals, after breakfast of course! Oh and how could I forget Starbucks and Instagram! 

My love for photography developed around the age of 4. My grandmother and dad had "camera's with removable lenses" and I asked Santa for one every year! At almost 18, Santa finally realized it was about time... (and was probably sick of being asked).

I have a beautiful family full of girls, my significant other Dustin (also a photography lover and partner), our daughter Addison (#AddisontheCEO) and our New Years Eve baby, Rogue (#RoguetheCFO). Before you ask, she is named after the X-Men character and not Star Wars. The girls run the household (hence their hashtags) and you can follow us all on Instagram @raising.little.culhanes! My business instagram is @lacenlavenderphotography, that's where you'll find my most recent portfolio. 

There is nothing greater than using a picture to tell your story and ours is just beginning! Being a mother is my favourite job and my goal is to teach our daughters to be confident, not afraid to take chances and become as snap happy as their parents!